Busoga Royal Wedding Holds Ugandans On Screen

Photo Courtesy: Busoga King Nadiope and Queen Jovia Mutesi.

For a number it could be the first Busoga Royal Wedding to be witnessed.

The wedding this morning has topped national agenda as social and mainstream media is keenly following to feed masses with updates .

Prince William Nadiope is finally to wed his bride Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi at Christ’s Cathedral in Jinja.

Since the announcement revealing the intended bride about a month ago , a number of activities have been held to see to the success of the wedding.

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All these have been keenly followed by masses with anticipation including heavy contributions from various major entities all over the nation in honor of culture.

Not only has it been a frenzy of anticipation but a demonstration of rare good will that the nation has in unity held towards stereotyped Busoga. Many are looking at this as a birth of a new error for the kingdom.

A number of dignitaries by closure of yesterday had confirmed attendance in honour of the Kyabazinga.

A snap shot of the Royal today as he marched out of his palace depicted a confident, incharge and stunning groom ready to move his kingdom into this next level.

Comments running down all cry out Congratulations. After the wedding at the Cathedral, the royal couple will treat their guests to a feast at
the reception venue at Igenge Hill.

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