Suspected ADF Commander Njovu Over Foreign Tourists Murder

Suspected ADF Commander Njovu in court

The Directorate of CID in coordination with the ODPP, have today 13.11.2023, charged the notorious ADF rebel commander, Abdul Rashid Kyote alias Njovu, to court, after he was handed over recently by CMI, for his participation with others, in the brutal attack and murder of two foreign tourists and their guide in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and also for the attacks that resulted in the death of 5 innocent civilians.

We continue to thank the UPDF/CMI for their aggressive pursuit of the ADF rebels. And further thank the D/CID and ODPP for expanding on the evidence gathered by the UPDF Marines, the Mountain Brigade and CMI. The rebel commander Njovu, who sustained injuries during the armed confrontation, was treated for his injuries, and arraigned in court.

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The arraignment in court of 9 charges, terrorism 02, 3 charges of murder, 3 charges of aggravated robbery and 1 charge of belonging to terrorist organisation against Abdul Rashid, alias Njovu alias Tembo, is a clear message to all terrorists and enemies of our county, Uganda, that combating terrorism remains a top priority of the Joint Security Agencies and the government of Uganda. We remain committed to bringing to justice all perpetrators of violence, who harm our citizens and visitors.

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