Leaders in Busoga Stress the Need for Mindset Shift Among Youth in Agribusiness

Rachel Magoola in cream. Photo/Courtesy

Youths in the Busoga sub-region have received valuable guidance on how to harness agribusiness opportunities to uplift their livelihoods and foster regional development.

This advice came during the Busoga Business Symposium held at Gudie Leisure Farm in Najjera, where business and political leaders from the region addressed over 200 enthusiastic youth. These youth are part of the Gudie Leisure Farm Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Associations (PELAs), with representation from various districts in the region.

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Recheal Magoola, the dedicated Member of Parliament for Bugweri District, emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities that broaden one’s perspective.

She stressed the need for mindset transformation through proper training, highlighting that this would enhance the effectiveness of poverty alleviation initiatives, whether from the government or other stakeholders.

“Change in mindset is vital,” Magoola asserted, pointing out instances where people, despite financial opportunities like the parish development model funding, chose to purchase non-essential items instead of investing in agribusiness projects that could improve their lives sustainably.

“The mind of the people has to change, such that when an opportunity is presented to them, they use it in a productive mannerm.”

Magoola added: “A case in example, when the parish development model money came in, people bought mattresses, blankets and other things of the like instead of investing it in the intended agribusiness projects that would sustainably improve the quality of their lives. All this was because they lack an open mind, a gap which the trainings can fill” Magoola said.

Frank Nabwiso, Chairperson of the Forum for Democratic Change Elections Committee and former Vice Chancellor of Busoga University, underscored the need for a social mindset shift in the region. He identified cultural practices, such as polygamy, as a factor contributing to rapid population growth and resource scarcity, impacting individuals and families’ well-being.
“One of our cultural aspects as a region, is glorifying polygamy, and due to this, the area is overwhelmed by the rapid population influx, and with the meager resource, this has a direct impact on the quality of life in the families as well as onto individuals,” Nabwiso explained.

Nabwiso also called for Busoga to become more self-reliant in food production, as the region currently relies heavily on imports. He stressed the importance of revitalizing the Busoga Growers’ Cooperative Union, an entity that played a pivotal role in the region’s development in the past but has faced challenges due to government failures and corruption.

The guidance provided at the Busoga Business Symposium serves as a critical step towards empowering the region’s youth and promoting sustainable development through agribusiness.

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