UHRC Reports Says NUP Only Submitted 30 Names, Says Kibalama’s Wife is Uncooperative


Courtesy Photo/UHRC Chairperson Mariam Wangadya

Mariam Wangadya , the chairperson for Uganda Human Rights Commission has reported that the commission has devoted to taking thorough investigation in any forms of violation of human rights despite accusations of paying a deaf ear.

According to Wangadya , the commission has over time ensured that they keep to through investigations and open reports on cases they handle .

As of this morning for instance while being hosted by UBC , Wangadya noted that the commission’s budget has even been exhausted as a result of investigations into cases of missing persons reported by the National Unity Platform.

While NUP claimed that 1000 people were missing, only 30 names were presented to the Human Rights Commission,and it is those that have been investigated on.

“When I asked for a list of over 1000 NUP supporters who were claimed to have been abducted, I was provided with only 30 names,” noted Wangadya.

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Upon investigation the report from Human Rights commission is that 12 of them were discovered to be currently facing trial, while others were out on bail.

In addition, Wangadya gave feedback on claims to do with Kibalama where she reported that her people have not be cooperative enough to see this investigation come through as fast.

She reported that the commission was able to get in touch with Kibalama’s wife Aturinda Ritah through his sister Nakanjako Saudah.

However, Wangadya says; ” His wife has not been cooperative with the commission and intentionally refused to give us any information specifically between July and August 2023.”

She further noted even the information the commission receives is inconsistent as initially the wife was reported to be in Bugolobi but turned out to be in Kakiri upon communication, a reason she gave as being unable to link up with the commission for information.

John Bosco Kibalama is reported to have gone missing on June 3 ,2019.

The NUP contestant for member of parliament Busiro North at the time was never ever heard of from except for his car which was found by police abadoned along Kampala Gayaza road.

Information about him only resurfaced when the Uganda’s premier Robinah Nabbanja claimed in one of her speeches that Kibalama had been detained in 2022 for allegedly killing police officers .

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