Uganda South Sudan Conflicts Call for Resurvey of Border Lines

UPDF security officers. Photo Courtesy.

A cross border meeting between Uganda and South Sudan has led to a resolution to resurvey border lines.

This was during a meeting held last week between Uganda and South Sudan.

The team from S.Sudan was headed by Governor of Central Equatorial , while Uganda was represented by the Minister of State for defence Oleru.

Prior to this meeting, the government of Uganda dispatched ministers from West Nile on a fact finding mission in the areas suffering from the conflict, Yumbe and Koboko.

During the meeting, a number of resolutions were arrived at including regular meetings between the two countries .

The other was regular patrols on the borders in addition to good communication.

All these resolutions are in a bid to ensure peace within the area. While speaking to journalist on Monday , Fred Enanga the Spokesperson of Uganda Police noted that me meeting was fruitful.

He also added saying; “We want to inform the residents of Koboko and Yumbe that we are doing everything possible in our means to ensure that peaceful harmonious existence is seen on both sides.”

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