URA Seek to Improve Transparency in Tax Collection through Baraza Meetings

As part of their efforts to acknowledge taxpayers, and improve transparency,URA organized a “Tax Baraza” meeting in Mukono, which included various stakeholders.

This change aims to improve transparency in revenue collection and bridge the gap between tax collectors and taxpayers.

However, many business operators who attended expressed dissatisfaction with URA’s current communication and awareness strategies.

Taxpayers in Mukono region want the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to adopt a more inclusive approach to tax education.

Vincent Lukwago, Chairperson of the Mukono Traders’ Association, highlighted the need for grassroots communication and streamlined taxation processes, addressing issues like TIN billing and VAT collection.

He emphasized the importance of systematic communication between both sides.

Betty Nambooze, the Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality, expressed concerns about URA’s tax collection approach and suggested adopting a more transparent British tax system.

Nambooze warned people hacking into the tax body’s system and inflate tax dues which leads unfairness in taxation. She also urged the tax payers to always fulfill their obligations of paying their taxes on time.

Monsignor Richard Kayondo, Vicar General of the Lugazi Diocese, encouraged honesty in tax compliance and called for URA to provide a clear account of how taxpayers’ money benefits the community.

In response, Ibrahim Bbosa, the Assistant Commissioner for Corporate and Public Affairs at URA, acknowledged shortcomings in tax administration and emphasized URA’s shift toward engagement with taxpayers to improve their relationship.

URA also recognized over ten taxpayers for their consistent compliance with tax payments during the meeting, signaling a positive step toward strengthening the tax system in the region. This shift in URA’s approach reflects a commitment to improving tax education and transparency in Mukono.

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