Boda-Boda Operators Cautioned Against Multiple Sexual Partners

Boda-Boda riders in Kampala Metropolitan areas have been cautioned against the habit of having many partners which lands many into incurable diseases that kill them so fast.

Speaking to hundreds of Boda-boda riders from Kawempe Division, Godfrey Ssekaja, the Traffic Commandant, Kampala Metropolitan North, said many riders have many sexual partners that can’t allow them saving, instead they end up being killed by HIV/AIDs.

“Many of you are my friends, and I know once you get some money all you can think about is getting a new girlfriend, to spend that money with. Others marry another wife. That’s the lifestyle many of you live in. But I want to tell you that HIV is real and it kills. Please protect yourself because you cannot help your family once you’re sick.” Sekajja said.

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On the side of road safety, Sekajja cautioned boda riders from the tendency of leaving out someone who has been knocked, and go after the drivers after the accident.

This is the reason why you’re termed as indiscipline people. Instead of helping the victim, you after the car drivers who have caused the accident, which is quite unfortunate, help the victim, and the driver will face the medical treatment of that person, otherwise many of you will continue facing charges of malicious damage.” Sekajja added.

Suzan Tumuheirwe, from safe way right way, said the nongovernmental organisation has put in more energy in sensitizing boda-boda riders within Kampala Metropolitan Areas, because of the worrying number of crashes that kills mostly boda-boda occupants.

“Previously, it was always pedestrians with high numbers of accident death rates, but we have witnessed a shift in the past two years according to the police statistics. It’s now boda-boda riders and their customers who are dying mostly in the crashes, this is one of the reasons our focus is more in Kampala.” Tumuheirwe noted.

Some of the boda operators said they have learnt new things including the importance of putting on crash helmets, respecting the road safety laws in place, and to avoid living careless lives.

The safe way Right sensation training of Boda-Boda will continue into other divisions of Kampala with the effort of reducing road crashes on roads which is currently one of Uganda’s top killers of Ugandans.

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