Mp Zaake Accuses Speakers of Double Standards

Following the suspension of five members of parliament from house sittings including MP Francis Zaake, the latter has said the decision taken was unfair. He accused the Speaker of parliament Anita Among and her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa of having double standards.

He said today morning during a Talk Show on NTV; “The Speaker of parliament and her Deputy have double standards. They behave as if they are above the law, they do not follow the rules of procedure.”

The five suspended yesterday were Joyce Bagala(Mityana Disrict Woman Mp), Derick Nyako (Makindye East Mp), Betty Nambooze(Mukono Municipality) , Frank Kabuye(Kassanda South) and Francis Zaake (Mityana Mp).

The suspension came after startling reactions from a video showing torture and arrests of NUP supporters failing to be played as promised.

Zaake noted that the double standard reflected in this manner; “They permitted the use of a video as evidence. However, just yesterday, they denied the presentation of a video as evidence in response to the Minister of Internal Affairs. The video was about how our (NUP) supporters were treated on the day of independence. We wanted to expose them.”

He further added that at different occasions there has also been similar disruptive behavior but no action taken. Meanwhile on social media, some people have taken it out on Zaake calling him ill mannered.

Angel Timsy via X responded to Zaake saying; “Tell that Zake boy to grow up and have some good manners. He’s disgracing the people he share blood with. Leadership is not about using so much physical energy and vulgar words. He was supposed to remain a supporter not a leader.”

Another known as Byaruhanga Xris accused him of bad language; “You should accept that you have on several occasions used the wrong choice of words, don’t defend your abnormal behavior.”
However Maxwel Daniel stated; “Ugandans are funny. I am seeing a lot of them yapping that @ZaakeFrancis is ill mannered, but the same are silently dead when people in government are mistreating, imprisoning and killing Ugandans. I think as Ugandans, we’re born jokers, mediocre, and average people.

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