I Killed My Wife, Brother This Year- Suspect

A man has confessed to killing wife in January this year and his brother in July of this same calendar year. Jackson Muhindo who had claimed that his wife, Mary Biira had gone missing has since admitted that he killed her and buried in January.

Muhindo has also confessed to killing his brother Jolesi Kabutusi in July this year. Since Muhindo, Biira and Kabutusi were residents of Kasese, the case is handled by Rwenzori East region.

This crime is being investigated by the territorial police Rwenzori East and Bwera. Muhindo is in custody afor the alleged murder of his wife, which was reported as a case of disappearance, in the beginning of this year 2023, at Mukunyu trading centre, Kasese district.

Police say the suspect had stayed with the victim for 10 years in an abusive relationship, as husband and wife. During the month of September, 2023, the victim’s relatives piled pressure on the suspect, to reveal the whereabouts of their sister, and daughter but he kept raising excuses.

The mater was reported to Bwera police and the suspect arrested. Upon interrogation, he admitted to killing his wife, Biira Mary, a 40 year old, peasant of Mukuuyu trading centre, in January 2023 and thereafter, secretly buried her body.

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During her exhumation, it was established that the suspect also murdered his biological brother Kabutusi Jolesi, in July, 2023, and secretly buried the body, in Kyabikere 1 village, Kanyasi town council, Kasese district. The suspect is believed to have been practicing witchcraft, and had no children with his wife. He was highly dreaded by the community due to his wickedness.

Police have strongly condemned such acts of violence, and brutality within domestic settings. The arrest of the notorious killer shows police determination in fighting violent crime. Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said investigations will continue to establish if any other innocent persons were victimised by the suspect.

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