Field Artillery Division Troops Cautioned Against Taking Loans Without Sustainable Projects

The Field Artillery Division Commander Brigadier General Daniel Kakono has cautioned officers and men of the Division against taking loans before starting projects with guaranteed stability.

Brig Gen Kakono made the remarks during a two-day workshop by Wazalendo Savings and Credit Co-operative Society that was held at the Field Artillery Headquarters, Masindi.

He advised them to identify the successful members in different units and formation who have utilized products from the Sacco and share experience and skills on how they made it which will enable other colleagues learn from.

The Chief Executive Officer of Wazalendo Sacco Col Noseph Freddy Onata informed members and delegates that the purpose of workshop is to link up Wazelendo mission with what is on ground, relate the theory of Wazelendo products with practical works members are doing on ground .

“It’s time for monitoring and evaluation on how much Wazalendo Sacco has given out to its members and what exactly is on ground as far as projects are concerned and how members’ lives have been improved financially in line with Wazalendo Sacco mission,” Col Onata added.

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Col Onata implored members to learn from their successful colleagues on how to start small with little capital and grow big and requested delegates to be good examples in their units and formations and by educating other members.

The workshop was attended by; Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and Delegates.

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