UPC Asks Gov’t to Create Teacher Succession Plan

By Benjamin Mwibo

Having been exposed by the Education Service Commission that close to about 5000 teachers are due to retire, theĀ  Uganda People’s Congress has demanded the government and the Ministry of Education and Sports to avail a succession plan for the retirees.

It is ordinarily meant to  be a routine exercise that both schools, authorities and the Ministry of Education and Sports should be aware and prepare accordingly, Said Arach Oyat Sharon the party spokesperson at the headquarters. 

With an education system that strategically relies heavily on senior teachers to nurture and shape young educationist, it implies demand and that the transition process for teachers has to be carefully planned, she noted on Wednesday.

“During the COVID 19 lockdown a number of teachers dropped from the teaching profession and tried other traits so as to earn a living therefore coming back to the profession has not been automatic since the part time jobs proved to be more rewarding than teaching.”

Ayach, further indicated that It is therefore high time that government through its line Ministry of Education and Sports makes the  teaching profession more attractive with a better pay and good conditions of service, the  campaign should begin all the way from pre primary, primary, secondary school, college, vocation training and Universities because they all have a direct bearing to the country’s development.

According to the spokesperson, “When our education system lacks innovation and practical skills, our graduates lack a competing edge in a globalized market.

The media relations manager, Mr. Faizo Muzeyi expressed sadness as the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA)  denies Uganda an opportunity to host international football matches attached  to the poor quality  orr standards of the football ground pitches.

Muzeyi, explained that so far the only pitch Uganda can refer to interms of sports are privately owned, such as St. Marys, however he also applauded Hajji Hamis Kigundu for advancing the Nakivubo stadium, this should be symbolic to government that Uganda needs many pitches of such caribre. 

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