Kyambogo University to Certify Sign Language Interpreters to Curb Quacks

The Minister of State for Disability Affairs Hellen Grace Asamo has said that, Kyambogo University will be in charge for certification of any language interpreters.

According to her, with the demand for sign language interpreters rising, this will be one way to guard against fakes.

“We shall not have this business of anyone walking in who can do finger signs claim they are language interpreters. We have put Kyambogo University for the certification of all sign language interpreters.”, Asamo said.

The remarks were made while addressing the journalists on Tuesday morning in preparation of the commemoration of 50 years of existence of the deaf community under a united font Uganda National Association for the Deaf.

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According to UBOS statistics of 2014, 3 percent of Uganda’s population is comprised of the deaf community. In fifty years, a number of strides towards inclusion have been made as a result of a united front.

In the field of training interpreters, Kyambogo University has graduated 165 interpreters between 2010 and 2022. 57 of these male and 108 females.

The interpreters have improved access to information for instance for students on different programs at institutions of learning where they assist them in class.

The most evident to society now of the achievements through the fifty years is having sign language interpreters on television and during public addresses like state of the nation addresses.

While all this is in place, the minister noted that the cabinet is working to see that every `ministry has staff on pay roll specifically employed for the task of sign language interpretation to make access to services inclusive.

For the start, the ministry of Disability affairs has already employed one as a way of leading by example. All the new engagements have been foreseen as areas that will need more funding and advocacy from different communities.

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