Mps Judge Sheeba- Cindy’s Dresscode as “Ungodly”


Members of parliament in Uganda, have said that Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi’s dress code during the music battle was “ungodly” and “un-African.”

The legislators actually referred to it as excessive nudity. The comments were made as members of parliament assessed the music battle which happened last Friday.

The artists during the battle commonly appeared attire akin to swimming costumes slightly shy of covering their bam. The rest of the body including thighs and the upper part of the body were left to viewership.

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The Members of parliament have since requested the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to offer counsel to natives. They spoke saying; “You should offer guidance to the nation of Uganda before the whole nation sinks into immorality.”

Charles Onen, one of the Mps from Gulu East noted; ““In my religion, only one thing that is exposed, that is the blessed sacrament. But today, we see young ladies, dress themselves half naked, the breasts are outside pointing like the lord be with you. Their knickers are outside, equally with men, they call it damage they are damaging their reputation, damaging their names and future generation. Only one thing should be exposed, the blessed sacrament, but not the breasts.”

Now this has always been a strong matter of contention amongst Ugandans as to regulation of what is nudity and not, some of the natives had this to say.

Kato Mpanga says; “There’s “excessive” graft and wastage in government but the dear Honourable MPs would rather focus on the “ungodly and un-African” stage wear at a music concert.

Why is “excessive nudity” at an event more of a concern than excessive thieving/misappropriation of public funds, most of aided by MPs?

How I wish the Sheebahs and Cindys performed inside parliament – the lives of many members need jump-starting.”

“What is the permitted level of nudity, against which they are benchmarking, to determine the “excessive nudity”? asked Joseph Ssentongo

Another Katwere Enoch mentioned, “Instead of discussing matters of national importance like regulating school fees,regulating minimum wage,roads,better health facilities.We suffered with these members of parliament.”

To a number this came up as a trivial matter of discussion in light of weightier matters like security , tribalism , school fees increment and health among others.

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