Former MP Aspirant Arrested Over Robbery, Fraud


Police in Buyende district has arrested Ssempa Vincent a former aspirant for parliamentary seat, and three others over robbery and fraud.

The other suspects arrested with Ssempa include his driver Isaac, Musoke Robert as well as Tiiya Ndimuloodi an army officer of fisheries protection unit. They are now under police arrest, according to Police Spokes Person Fred Enanga.

The fraud was rotating around sale of mercury, quite a quick method used of getting rich, the suspects were using a Janan stone for fraudulent acts and the suspects had engaged in a deal for transaction meant to take place in Busikwe village in Buyende district, he noted.

Enanga added that Ssempa Vincent and colleagues had gone with chloroform to intoxicate or sedate the sellers so as they move away with the stone freely without making any payments.

“One of the sons in the home suspected them after seeing signs of seduction and fraud, made an alarm as two of them were killed after the deal went wrong. Police responded quickly and managed to arrest the remaining three, one being the army officer who has been handed over to military to appear in the military court,” described Enanga.

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