Police Urges Transport Sector Beneficiaries to Prioritize Road Safety

Key stakeholders in the driving industry have been urged to prioritize road safety if the country is to reduce on the current road carnage.

The call was made by the Inspector of Vehicles Uganda Police, Superitendant of Police (SP) Waiswa Patrick on September 16, 2023 in Naguru. This was during a collaborative workshop that had different players in the driving industry, including inspector of vehicles, instructors and driving school owners.

The workshop signifies a crucial step towards safer roads and more standardized driver training programs in Uganda, aligning the nation with global road safety objectives.

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The move targets enhancing road safety and improving driving school standards. The workshop also aimed at aligning Uganda’s driving education system with the global road safety action plan for 2020-2023 to reduce accidents by 50% come 2030.

In attendance were members of Uganda Driving Schools Operators & Instructors Association, Police driving instructors, directors of driving schools and other industry representatives.

The workshop unveiled a comprehensive curriculum model developed by the Uganda government which was designed to address shortcomings in driver training and ensure a structured approach to skills development for driving instructors.

The curriculum encompasses critical aspects of driver education such as adapting to changing driving conditions, understanding traffic regulations, practice on and off-road training, fostering responsible behavior on the road, following road signs, and meeting requirements, among other crucial elements.

Inspector of Vehicles UPF, SP Waiswa emphasized the importance of embracing this curriculum stating that,

“We are advancing towards a future where driving conditions are evolving. We must absorb this curriculum to keep pace with technological advancements and road safety standards.”

“As long as there is any gap, we must work tirelessly to address them. Driving school operators must adhere to the established standards and systems, including appointment booking, payment procedures, and handling cancellations,” he stressed.

The IOV Waiswa urged all members to maintain strong relationships and prioritize road safety as they work towards the ambitious goal of achieving an accident-free Uganda by 2030.

Abbey Kanyankole, Chairman of (UDSOIA) Uganda Driving Schools Operators & Instructors Association, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to achieve the goal of making Uganda accident-free by 2030.

In their roles as directors and instructors at driving schools, Kanyankole stated that they encounter various challenges, such as expired driving permits, complex booking procedures, unwelcoming experiences at IOV testing centers and he called upon IOV to provide a prompt solution to alleviate these challenges and facilitate their work.

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