Music Fans Ask Victoria University to Enroll Sheebah for English Study


X users have recommended that Victoria University enroll Sheebah Karungi to study the English language.

The recommendation is based on observations posted on the social media platform X, during the Cindy-Sheebah battle this week on Friday evening.

The observations that have been made through a series of engagements involving the two renown artists were clearly stated that Sheebah cannot sustain conversations in English as well as correctly interpret questions.

Allan Caniax as identified on X put forth a request saying; “We advise Victoria University to at least give Sheebah a free bursary because her English and the reasoning capacity were out casted, so if there is any opportunity, please help her.”

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Symbolically another Timie N noted that there is need for Sheebah to upgrade. Academic institutions are one of the places people go to upgrade.

“Let us put it like this, someone’s software needs an upgrade, Apple may sue for defamation of character.”

Bukhaki Isaac on the other hand suggests that Cindy sets up a school for people like Sheebah to polish up. “King just set up a school for people like iphone.”

In short, the social media users pointed to other aspects that Sheebah needs to be taken to school for; humility, expression, public presentation and learning different music genres.

While all this talk about the battle lasts, Sheebah has been silent, she made a post saying the future is female. Her fans nevertheless have sent out a number of posts congratulating her for braving the battle and not shying away from it.

Some users are calling out to X users to find good in Sheebah, referring to her as someone that has risen against odds, having no talent but standing up to people with talent they said.

Meanwhile results from the battle are still yet to be announced although fans have gone ahead to give it to Cindy ,The King herself.

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