Bobi Wine Refutes Sectarianism Accusations

By Benjamin Mwibo 

The party president for the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, has condemned the rampant character of tribalism, sectarianism and segregation. This was in response to Uganda Police that has suspended his countrywide campaigns aimed at sensitization and mobilisation of Ugandans about the Party.

Bobi Wine has explained that he is not tribalistic as it is said in the police statement and he cites an example of his wife who hails from the current president’s tribe.

“I am married to a woman from the Ankole region, if I was Tribalistic I would have married from own tribe.”

Describing on suspension of the party movements, he added that after two weeks as he returns from Canada, NUP shall continue with it’s countrywide mobilisation of Ugandans because it does not break any law, Kyagulanyi said.

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He however,  applaud the Uganda Police Force for providing protection, security and not interrupting with NUP campaigns countrywide since launched for the past few weeks.

Kyadondo East Mp, Hon. Muwada Nkunyingi, has emphasized that NUP is in agreement with the laws that govern Uganda and therefore they are not criminals and have no intentions of criminality as the party never intends to open up any criminal activities.

 “We are going to continue with our programs, therefore disguising under a institutional office and play politics by the Deputy Inspector General of police on behalf of the IGP is totally rejected by the NUP leadership,” Muwada noted.

NUP, has mobilized and called upon the public to look through and look into all state institutions and identify loopholes, especially where there is nepotism where there is tribalism, therefore government should expose who is tribalistic than using it as a tool to disguise the NUP activities, he included.

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