13000 Apply for 25 Immigration Jobs

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) has expressed concern over the rampant unemployment rates in the country after receiving 13,750 applications for 25 immigration officers’ positions.

DCIC through the ministry of public service announced the 25 vacancies for immigration officers to replace the retired ones and also fill manpower gaps at numerous border points. However, Simon Peter Mundeyi, the spokesperson for the ministry of internal affairs said the overwhelming applications have forced them to double the number of the positions.

From the 13,750 applicants, the ministry of public service in collaboration with DCIC officials have recruited 57 new immigration officers who have today started their induction course at Police Training School (PTS) Kabalye.

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Mundeyi said majority of the applicant were meeting the prerequisite for the announced jobs and it was not easy to select only 57. He, however, said DCIC needs about 300 more immigration officers in order to man the recognized Uganda’s entry and exit points.

Uganda is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rates in the world. The World Bank data (2020) showed that every year over 750,000 Ugandans aged 15 to 24 join the job market. However, the public and private sectors are able to consume about 10% of the new job seekers.

Because of the rampant unemployment levels, many Ugandans including fresh graduates often venture into self-employment. But still their efforts are often hampered by exorbitant costs of running businesses such high taxes, rent and electricity expenses.

“For each job, we got 420 people who applied for it. You can see the unemployment problem we have currently. About 1,000 immigration officers we need to man our borders, we have about 650. We appeal to the government of Uganda to give us at least 300 more,” Mundeyi said.

Derrick Basalirwa Kigenyi the deputy national coordinator of traffic in persons department had earlier attributed human trafficking to rampant unemployment in the country. Kigenyi’s statement came on the heels of an 18 year old who had defrauded over 179 youths some money with job promises in Kenya. The student who was identified as, William Mugenyi, hired Harriet Nasuuna, who recruited the youths each paying a fee of 50,000 to 100,000 shillings.

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