NIRA Warns Money Lenders Against Taking National IDs As Security


The National Identification Registration Authority- NIRA has revealed that it is illegal for money lenders to take National Identify Cards as collateral security for loans.

Through a public notice , the Directorate or Legal Board of Affairs has revealed that retaining a National Identity Card as security is a violation of the rights of the card holder .

The notice read in part; “The National Identification Registration Authority would like to draw your attention to Section 69 of the Registration of Persons Act, 2015 which clearly states that an issued National Identity Card remains the property of the government of Uganda.”

Against that background, National ID holders have been advised to desist from similarly offering to issue the same as security for securing loans .

It also noted that anyone whose National ID has been held onto for similar reasons should report the matter .

Akiki Gentle in response to the notice via X noted that he has seen colleagues fall victim of the same .

” True , I’ve seen friends fall victim when they have given their National IDs to money lenders.”

Another identified as Med Villa however expressed a dilemma saying; “National IDs is the fastest way of securing a quick loan of btn 50k to 250kTomorrow am giving mine to a money lender to 250k for books for my school going children.”

Money lenders have found retaining National IDs as one of the most effective way for having their money returned . Some individuals are wondering where this puts money lenders.

Felix Tumwe (IT’s ME) via X commends the initiative nevertheless. He says ;
“What a Valid-Vital statement is !
Same case with “PASSPORTS” !
Many individuals always want to take an advantage of “Laymen/women” to hold such in the due process, some loose them & guess what ! A bureaucracy process for replacement.
Thanks #NIRA for a wakening.”

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