Two Terror Suspects Released


We wish to inform the public that the threats of terrorism within the country, are still serious after successfully recovery of 6 IEDS within the Kampala Metropolitan areas of Mabiito in Nateete, Ngobe – Bunamwaya, Miracle centre and in Lungujja. Out of the 6 suspects, two were release and 4 who are highly linked to the bomb threats are still in custody. The manhunt for the other suspects is still ongoing.

The Joint Anti-terrorism task team that is investigating the bomb threat continues to pursue several lines of inquiry to establish whether the IEDs are linked, how the devices are prepared, persons instigating the acts of terrorism. For now we are incredibly grateful to the Joint Task Team, for doing everything possible to keep the public in KMP safe. As a country, we will never be intimidated by terrorism. We will always defeat those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life.

As we pursue the other conspirators, we urge all Ugandans and visitors in the country, to remain vigilant. The use of IEDs by suspected ADF rebels poses a serious threat to the prevailing peace, safety and security in the country.

SCP Enanga Fred

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