UBOS Report Reveals Improvement in Maternal Mortality Rates


A report from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics has indicated a drop in maternal mortality rates.

With data from the 2022 demographic health survey released on Thursday this week , the rates have dropped from 366 to 189 deaths per 1000 live births .

The healthy survey was conducted in 156 districts from May to December 2022.

Issues like marriage, family planning, Malaria , HIV/AIDS and domestic violence among others were the major focus of the survey .

Similar improvement since 2016 when a survey was done , was shown with Under 5 mortality rate dropping from 64 percent to 52 percent , infant mortality from 43 percent to 36 percent and neonatal mortality from 27 percent to 22 percent.

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Maternal mortality has highly been attributed to countries in the subsaharan region which experience poverty and instability due to wars and internal conflict.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health responded to the report saying that though there was improvement, there is still alot more to be done .

“There are many things to explain, we still do not have enough funding to this sector , enough work force and health education. The population still lacks alot of awareness concerning maternal health even family planning.”

Funding partners like UNICEF also noted that some funders were cut off by the government of Uganda, which will further affect the fight against such burdens. However, they pledged their support with more funding and continuity of their partnership.

Even with such improvement, Uganda is still rated high above the global average of 223 women per 100,000 births.

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