FUFA, Betpawa Enter 1.1B UGX Partnership to Elevate Ugandan Football


The Federation of Uganda’s Football Associations (FUFA) has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Betpawa, a subsidiary of the Mchezo Africa Group, headquartered in Rwanda. This landmark collaboration marks Betpawa as the exclusive football partner of Uganda.

The momentous announcement was made during a press conference held at Kampala’s Fairway Hotel. This sponsorship pact spans a duration of one year, with a thorough evaluation planned to determine future directions.

Under this sponsorship, the primary focus is squarely on nurturing talent, enhancing the fan experience, and elevating the overall football standards across Uganda. The overarching goal is to foster a conducive playing environment for all stakeholders involved.

Speaking to journalists, Ntoudi Mouyelo, the Managing Director of Mchezo Africa Group, articulated the depth of commitment shared between FUFA and Betpawa. Notably, Betpawa’s support extends beyond financial backing, with immediate locker room bonuses for victorious teams.

In accordance with the agreement, the Big League, Uganda’s second-tier football competition, will receive a substantial allocation of USD 150,000. Simultaneously, the FUFA Drum competition, which encompasses regional and provincial rivalries, will also benefit from USD 150,000, while Futsal will be allocated USD 20,000. Mouyelo further revealed that winning players can anticipate receiving 150,000 shillings as locker room bonuses.

On his part, FUFA President Moses Magogo, attributed this remarkable sponsorship to a series of internal reforms and the enactment of recent sports legislation. He underscored that partnerships of this magnitude serve as catalysts for the development of the nation’s sports sector.

Magogo emphasized that these strategic decisions are in alignment with the preferences of Ugandan football enthusiasts.

“At the federation, we make tough decisions, and this is one of them. We chose to forego certain rights for a superior deal because Ugandans desire Ugandan football, and it’s our duty to present it in a manner that aligns with their preferences,” he elucidated.

Katende Ssemakula, Assistant General Secretary of the National Council of Sports, who also graced the event underscored the importance of collective development, promotion, and consumption of sports as a public good.

He emphasized the significance of such partnerships, highlighting their alignment with recently enacted sports laws. Ssemakula commended FUFA for their pioneering spirit and encouraged other sports federations to follow suit, leveraging their brands and products to fund their activities, especially where government support is insufficient.

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