Ethics Minister Urges Parents to Sensitize Learners on Moral Decadence


The Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Akello Rose Lilly, is urging parents to actively engage in guarding their children against moral decadence during holidays.

The Minister put out this call as a result of the recent releases of sextapes over digital platforms that indicated a level of moral decadence.

Through a press release this Friday, Akello said; “my attention has been drawn by concerned members of the public, mostly parents, about the immoral images that are continuously being displayed on various media platforms. As the minister in charge of Ethics and Integrity and on behalf of the Government of Uganda, I would like to strongly express my dismay and condemn those acts which contradict the values of our Nation.”

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Akello further indicated that promotion of immoral images put lives of learners at risk as it exposes them to increased HIV/AIDS and other STDs, homosexuality, incest, early pregnancies and abortions among others.

The Directorate for Ethics and Integrity at the moment is working on a program aims at providing youths right information and guides for counseling youths in primary and secondary schools on prevailing issues as above.

Religious leaders have also been called to join in with vigilance in advocating for moral sanity over social media platforms.

The ministry earlier made an attempt at coming up with a regulation against sharing of pornographic material and the likes over social media , however the same was challenged in court and nullified .

Nevertheless, the state minister for ethics mentioned that perpetrators of such images can be apprehended under the computer misuse act .

Meanwhile, the ministry applied to court appealing over the case but it has not yet received a ruling on the matter .

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