Free at last; Court Martial Finally Drops Charges Against General Kayihura

The General Court Martial has officially dismissed all criminal charges against the former Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura.

The charges, which encompassed allegations of failing to protect war materials, neglecting the supervision of police officers, and being involved in kidnappings, were formally withdrawn on Wednesday by a panel led by Brigadier General Freeman Robert Mugabe..

In 2018, briefly after he had been arrested from his upcountry home in Kashagama in Lyantonde District, Kayihura appeared before the seven-member panel of the UPDF General Court Martial presided over by then Chairman, Lt. General Andrew Gutti to plead to the charges.

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According to the prosecution, between 2010 and 2018, on various occasions, Kayihura issued firearms to unauthorized persons, specifically members of Boda-boda 2010 under the leadership of Abdullah Kitatta, who was convicted of the same crimes and has since served his sentence.

Further allegations from the prosecution contended that Kayihura played a role in supporting and encouraging subordinate police officers who engaged in the abduction and unlawful repatriation of Rwandan exiles, refugees, and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda.

Additionally, Kayihura was accused of not effectively overseeing and ensuring accountability for firearms and ammunition that were allocated to specialized police units such as the Flying Squad Unit, Crime Intelligence and Special Operations Unit, and Witness Protection Unit.

But things made an unexpected U-turn on Wednesday when the Prosecution, represented by Lt. Col Raphael Mugisha and Private Regina Nanzala, made the unexpected announcement of their intent to withdraw charges against Kayihura on orders of the Director of Prosecutions in the army.

Subsequently, Brigadier Freeman formally acknowledged the document and subsequently discharged Kayihura who had appeared without any legal representation.

Embracing his newly regained freedom, Kayihura confidently exited the courtroom, chanting slogans that celebrated his liberty.

“I have never been this happy, because I have got justice and I have got freedom, and it is not the kind of freedom that you have, this is sweet freedom. “You only appreciate freedom when you lose it; that’s when you appreciate how valuable it is…” General Kayihura told Journalists at court.

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