Migrant Workers Reject Minister’s Proposal for Deployment in Jordan


Migrant workers have rejected Minister of labour ,gender and social development Betty Amongi’s proposal of resuming their deployment in Jordan.

The reason they have given for their rejection is that they have been sidelined as stake holders in the process of coming to this conclusion of a proposal.

Under their umbrella Migrant Workers’ Voice ,Abdullah Kayonde, the president mentioned that members can not go back to Jordan without pertinent issues as clear guidelines of their welfare being looked at .

He wrote in a press statement dated August 29, 2023;

“On behalf of Ugandan migrant workers working abroad, migrant workers’ voice would like to express their dissatisfaction in the position taken by ministry of gender labour and social development to quickly revive business in Jordan without involving all stakeholders, recommending NSSF and the insurance scheme proposal and without proper measures laid out for those going there.”

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Kayonde expounded the workers’ concern in 7 points highlighting concerns of negligence of protection of migrant workers’ rights in the past , poor accountability and transparency in decision making by the government of Uganda and absence of support for distressed workers while in Jordan.

As explained by Kayonde , past issues of mistreatment haven’t be resolved by the government, he also mentioned that due to lack of transparency ,migrant workers in the Jordan are hardly traceable by agencies .

According to reports , it is estimated that there are about 10,000 migrant workers are to be deployed in Jordan. The workers however recommended that the minister prioritise their well being, work at strengthening diplomatic ties with Jordan and align Uganda’s International frame works to fit well with places like Jordan where their own are sent to .

Kayonde on behalf of the migrant workers is calling for help to see that they are treated as key stake holders in the matter.

“On a serious note, We would like to call the Uganda country chief of IOM to restrain his Ugandan staff within IOM who seemingly deliberate themselves in sponsoring such sporadic wasteful trips in such destinations like that of ministry of gender to Dubai and Jordan including more numbers of the same ministry officials, undermining the inclusion of the main stakeholders and other relevant officials from different departments,recruitment agency representatives and worker’s representatives on board, if indeed the purpose of these trips are meant to tailor and resolve
Uganda’s migration challenges pertaining migrant workers.”

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