Police Urges Parents to Be Vigilant Over Their Children This Holiday

By Benjamin Mwibo 

The Spokesperson of Uganda Police Fred Enanga has appealed to parents and guardians not to relax while children are back for holidays and to pay maximum attention to them.

On Monday at the police headquarters in kampala, Enanga has implored the local leaders, care takers, parents and guardians of children to be extra quotious about the safety of children as they visit friends and relatives in the holidays.

Parents or guardians should develop family codes or words that can use to warn all members of the family Incase of a dangerous situation, whereby if one family is in danger can just press or send that code, he said.

He also encouraged parents to discuss boundaries with children during holidays because it is during these holidays that children get unwanted touches, for example hugging by strangers, bad pictures and favours from adults, therefore it always important to tell children on how to say no or tell somebody to stop Incase they are being victimized in one way or the other, Enanga added 

“Disregard of inner feelings of children by adults is not good , especially when a family member or a friend is being accused to harass the child , however it is very much important to teach children not to keep secrets at all.” He described

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