Mbarara City Under Heavy Security Guard as NUP Tour Kicks Off

Reports are coming in concerning heavy security deployment and scrutiny around Mbarara City this morning due to the National Unity Platform Tour.

For instance, access to the city at the moment is under very strict scrutiny permitting mostly road users that have “no red” or fall under no suspicion of being party to to the NUP tour .

NUP is supposed to be holding its mobilization meeting in Mbarara City at the Global High School playground today.

However , to the dismay of supporters through recorded video clips and reports over social media , the team at the moment reported the venue to be closed.

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In addition, the heavy deployment of police has been enforced all over this city ahead of this meeting,which has got supporters highly sceptical of what is to unfold in due course.

Nevertheless the party has carried on with its objective of the countrywide tour according to Joyce Bagala the Woman MP for Mityana, to touch base with Ugandans, new and old political actors across the country with the tour kicking off with Mbarara city .

Amongst the delegation conducting the tour is Robert Kyagulanyi, the party president and a group of other party leaders.

The day’s activities are to run as follows a radio show on 88.3 FM Endigyito Radio at 1,the official opening of an office on Makhan Singh Street and eventually addressing members at Global High School Playground.

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