Nsereko Fires Back: Accuses Bobi Wine of Hypocrisy in Ssegirinya Case

Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Muhammad Nsereko, has branded Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine and the President of the National Unity Platform (NUP), as a purveyor of falsehoods and a hypocrite and threatened to unveil Bobi Wine’s true nature in the near future.

This verbal exchange comes a mere day after Bobi Wine criticized Nsereko, for taking it upon himself to appeal for medical funds on behalf of the bed-ridden Muhammad Ssegirinya, the Member of Parliament for Kawempe South.

In his statement, Bobi Wine insinuated that Nsereko was well aware of the appropriate protocols for parliamentary medical expenses, yet chose instead to publicly humiliate Ssegirinya, with an alleged underlying motive of involving President Museveni.

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Responding to these claims, Nsereko countered that such accusations were unlikely to emanate from Bobi Wine, given that Bobi Wine himself had pursued medical treatment abroad with the approval of NRM members. Nsereko, in a direct rebuttal, referred to Bobi Wine as a hypocrite who had cynically awaited Ssegirinya’s hypothetical demise to extend

“He ( Bobi) went to the USA for treatment claiming his testicles had been crashed,  he was putting on a heavy boot and said his legs were broken, there is no person with such an issue who would put on heavy boots,” Nsereko said.

The critique didn’t stop there, as Nsereko turned the tables on Bobi Wine’s credibility, raising doubts about Bobi Wine’s consistency in truth-telling.

He pointed to Bobi Wine’s previous declarations, including claims that President Museveni would be forced out of office within a month and would be detained upon traveling abroad, which never materialized, implying a disparity between Bobi Wine’s words and reality.

“He said Museveni would leave in one month, it is now three years. He said Museveni would be arrested when he goes abroad, he (Museveni) has travelled everywhere and returned untouched, who then is the liar? Bobi Wine is confusing politics with saving lives,” Nsereko said.

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