87 Ugandans Detained Over Overstay of Visas


The Ugandan government has reported that 87 Ugandans have been confirmed detained by the Republic of Turkey, because of overstaying their visas.

The destained are held in six different detention centers where they have been visited by officials from the Ugandan Embassy.

According to Bagiire Vincent Waiswa Uganda’s permanent secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the victims were found in breach of the immigration regulations
of Turkey.

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“Following these consular visits, a total of 87 Ugandans have been identified and confirmed by the officials of the Ugandan Embassy in Turkiye to have been detained by the Turkish Authorities due to overstay of their visas in breach immigration regulations of the Republic of Turkiye.”

However , the government is in talks with the Turkish government to find a way out for the detainees.

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