40 People Killed in Bodaboda Crashes Last Week

The traffic police have said that 40 riders and passengers were killed in Bodaboda crashes last week.

Superintendent of Police -SP Micheal Kananura the traffic police spokesperson said 29 out of the 40 bodaboda deaths were riders while the rest were passengers on the motorcycles.

Police have also revealed that 36 drivers were arrested last week in the resumed operations against drunk-driving.

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SP Kananura said the drivers were arrested in the operations at Jinja road and Kabalagala police.

The drunk drivers were detained for the entire night but released the next morning with Express Penalty Scheme (EPS) tickets.

Police have also announced that it’ll be conducting operations against speeding on Entebbe Expressway.

SP Kananura said every driver using Entebbe Expressway is expected not to exceed 100km/hr speed. Whoever will be detected to be driving beyond the prescribed speed will be arrested, issued with EPS ticket or even taken to court of law.

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