Archbishop Ssemogerere Reminds Parents to Groom the Boy Child


The Arch Bishop of Kampala arch diocese, the most Reverend Paul Ssemogerere has reminded parents to take up the role of grooming their children especially the boy child.

Bishop Ssemogerere was officiating at the 63-year celebration of St. Charles Lwanga Jinja Karoli Catholic Parish in Kawempe Nansana Municipality, where 28 couples were joined in a holy matrimony through a mass wedding on Friday.

Bishop Ssemogerere told the newly wedded couples to raise their God – given children with good morals, saying that a home is the foundation of the church.

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Arch Bishop Ssemogerere highlighted that several parents have left the responsibility of grooming their children to the maids, schools, and television, which has led to a breed of undisciplined and deviant children who can’t keep law and order of the communities where they live.

The archbishop also pointed out that currently the boy child has been neglected during upbringing unlike the girls. Because all the emphasis is put on the girl child this has led to the development of irresponsible men who waste their life on alcohol and other bad habits, according to him.

In the same vein, the bishop showed concern for many children who are brought to church for baptism from different catholic parishes, yet their parents are not wedded as the church requires.

General Katumba Wamala during the celebration applauded the Catholic Church through the interreligious council of saying no to the LGBTQ movement which doesn’t facilitate the Catholic Church and cultural values.

St. Charles Lwanga Jinja Kalori Parish was established in 1960 by the white father’s missionaries who were given land by Buganda Kingdom.

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