Absa Bank, Afripads Donate Reusable Pads to Girls


Absa Bank Uganda and Afripads have donated reusable sanitary pads to learners worth 20 million shillings.

One of the beneficiaries of this donation is Mukono High School where the donors noted that the move is aimed at breaking menstrual barriers towards girls.

Michelle Tjeenk Willink, the Head of Partnerships and Communications at AFRIpads highlighted that despite the government putting a tax waiver on raw materials used to make sanitary pads, there are still several female Ugandans who can’t afford them, hence the call for the donation.

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“The taboos around not talking about menstrual care needs means girls and women don’t get what they need and don’t get the priority for these products. Without them, women and girls miss school and work” Michelle stated.

According to Michelle they have donated more than 1,200 reusable sanitary pads kits to school girls at Mukono High School to empower them remain in school.

She added that the donation is in response to the need for quality and consistent menstrual products that enable school girls to attend and remain active in school with confidence.

Helen Nangonzi Basuuta the Absa Bank Uganda’s Marketing and Customer Experience Director, noted that the call for the support was triggered by several girls in Uganda who miss school lacking access to proper menstrual hygiene.

She added that the donation is part of the donation is part of UGX 200 million that was raised from the inaugural Absa 7 Hills Run, which was held in May this year to help keep the girl-child in school.

The sanitary Menstrual reusable pads donated can be used by the learners for a period of 12 months

The Parliament’s Finance Committee approved a government move to exempt excise duty on raw materials used in the manufacture of sanitary pads.

This was meant to reduce the cost of sanitary pads which is not affordable.

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