UPDF Soldier Shoots Wife Dead

A Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF soldiers has shot and killed his wife in Kitgum district.

Col Deo Akiiki said the incident happened at Kurukuba Dettach, Madiope Sub-county, in Kitgum district.

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Akiiki has identified the killer soldier as Henry Odwani while his murdered wife was called Grace Imalingat.

However, Col Akiiki said the soldiers later turned the trigger on his head. “He later killed himself. Investigations to ascertain the motive of this unfortunate incident is ongoing,” Col Akiiki said.

Col Akiiki has condemned the act and implores all soldiers to utilize the force’s pscho-social support officers currently deployed across all Units.

“They can also use formations plus political commissars to solve any type of domestic misunderstandings without including the use of weapons,” Col Akiiki said.

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