Gov’t To Finally Deploy Medical Interns

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The government has at last come around to deploy 1, 901medical interns. These will be spread out across 58 health centers within the country .

The information came through a press release by the Director General Health Services Henry Mwebesa, who signed off saying that the Ministry of Health has received clearance to do so.

“The ministry of health has received clearance to deploy medical interns to the 58 internship centers across the country.”

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According to Mwebesa , each intern will receive a net allowance of 1Million Uganda shillings to cater for their food and accommodation.

The ministry has also released a deployment list for the interns and instructed hospital directors to issue deployment letters to them.

This kind of news has come after several month of outcries and demonstrations from medical interns over delayed deployment.

According to past reports from the Ministry of Health , it was mentioned that the delay was because money had not been availed for this financial year to cater for

In this notice however, Mwebesa simply notes that the delay was due to circumstances beyond the control of the Ministry of Health.

The medical interns are expected to report to their various training centers by 3 August 2023.

Uganda’s doctor patient ratio is way below the World health Organisation of 1:1000 , it stands at 1:12000. One doctor per 12,000 patients. As a result on this , Uganda health facilities heavily rely on the boost from medical interns.

During the delayed deployment, health workers complained of being overwhelmed with work and the Uganda Medical Association had threatened a demonstration over the same.

However responses from some of the medical interns indicate that the lists have not yet been released .

Shamimu Nambassa , one of those to deployed tweets her response saying; “The letter says the list has been released
Where can we access it from?”

Tom Amanyire also raises concern over payments and deployment saying ; “My inquiries. From 1.85 to 1m
1-Will these interns get their remaining balance of .85 with time?
2-Is this the new normal of pay?
3-Have you set any plans to avoid reoccurrence of such delays and down pays?
4-Do you know bext year by may we shall have two lots wait.”

J.R Tom however appreciates the initiative . “Deployment and 1M monthly allowance is fine, next issue is about receiving.”

Dr. Kalema George also says; “This is exactly what we expected, we knew the ministry played delay tactics to make the young Doctors desperate in order to give me little money, as in deduct 2.5to 1M comfortably.”

While there is relief for deployment, medical practitioners are worried that the government has cut their budget for intern doctors amidst the rising costs of living.

Besides , medical interns carry the heaviest work load at health facilities.

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