UN Security Warning Is Malicious –Security Agencies

Uganda security agencies have described the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) travel advisory as malicious. UNDSS issued security warning to its personnel on Wednesday last week claiming that many parts of Kampala were facing high levels of criminality.

UNDSS claimed that some of their personnel have been victims of criminality in blackspots like Busega, Masanafu, Namungoona Lubigi, Bwaise, Kaleerwe, Kyebando, Kisaasi, Nalya and Namboole.

In a joint response issued by Senior Commissioner of Police –SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, security agencies said UNDSS warning is malicious because they don’t have reports made by its staff as victims of criminality.

“We therefore, appeal to the UNDSS, to avail us with their reports of incidents recorded for comparison and follow – up. Failure to do so, we shall regard their travel advisory as another malicious and openly hostile communication, aimed at creating panic and fear, in the communities along these highways and the public at large,” Security agencies statement reads in part.

UNDSS also listed Entebbe Express and Northern Bypass as deadly roads especially between 10 pm and 6 am. However, security agencies said of recent there have been no safety or security related incidents along the Entebbe Expressway impacting UN staff.

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 “They claimed the expressway was vulnerable for travel, and advised their personnel to avoid travelling between 10pm – 6am, along the Expressway, from Entebbe to Kampala. As the Joint Security Agencies, we are concerned by the travel advisory, because there are no crime reports, in support of the claims,” Enanga explained.

UNDSS accused Uganda police of taking ages to respond to criminal incidents along Entebbe Express, uncoordinated patrols, reckless driving and over speeding especially at night hours and dark sections.

“We would like to inform all travellers and motorists who use or intend to use the Entebbe Expressway that we have not registered any violent crimes, apart from a few serious traffic related incidents. We have three police patrol vehicles dedicated to the Entebbe Expressway, 24/7. Several motorists have reported, seeing police presence along the Entebbe Expressway,” Enanga said.

Security insists that patrols are regular, with zero hotspots along the Entebbe Expressway. The agencies said they are working with UNRA and Pinnacle Security, to help tackle any safety and security concerns, along the Entebbe Expressway.

Ugandan security agencies are known for rubbishing security alerts but go mute when terror and criminal incidents occur days later. For instance, US on June 12, warned Uganda about planned terror attacks and these warnings were laughed off by the foreign affairs minister. However, terrorists linked to ADF attacked Lhubiriha secondary school at Mpondwe town, in Kasese district killing 39 students and five adult civilians in the same week when the warning was issued.

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