Sheebah Calls herself iPhone, Names Cindy Nokia

The war between two dancehall artists Sheebah Karungi aka Swag Mama and her rival Cinderella Sanyu aka the King Herself is far from ending soon

It has since taken a new swift with the lions exchanging verbal insults online since the latter chose to put her show exactly on the same date that Sheebah had previously announced to hold her concert.

The latest insult came from Sheebah who used her Twitter handle to name herself an iPhone while referring to her rival City and a mere faded Nokia. I’m the iPhone, you are the Nokia” She posted on her Twitter handle.

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All this comes a few days since disclosed that she will hold her come back concert at Kololo Independence Grounds on 15th September 2023, which date and venue she chose were already earlier booked by her nemesis Sheebah Karungi for her “Yolo Festival” that she said will be happening annually.

Defending herself, Cindy said that when her management team went to book the venue, they found it was free and rather not booked as Sheebah had reported on her social media platforms.

For long, the artists have been at loggerheads with Cindy often calling Sheebah her daughter whom she cannot compete with because she once gave her lessons in the dancehall industry.

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