MOH Approves Police Forensic Lab for DNA Testing

The Ministry of Health has approved the Police Forensic Laboratory in Naguru for Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing.

This makes it three approved laboratories in the nation, the others being the Government Analytical Laboratory and MBN Clinic Laboratories Nakasero, all in the central region.

Since restrictions came up on who meets the standards for DNA testing, health facilities that feel are able to pass the test were encouraged to apply for approval.

Some of the standards to meet are ability to exercise confidentiality over results to clients, ability to take up responsibility for counseling those that seek the tests and strict data management among others.

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Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Force Spokesperson while informing the press on the new development noted that this was important since such services are needed by the police for crime evidence related issues.

“The clearance of our DNA lab is important in enhancing criminal justice…Of course by compulsion DNA is more accurate than eye witnesses.”

He added that in criminal investigation DNA is used for things like paternity, maternity and sibling identification, dead body identification and immigration DNA testing among others.

The guidelines according to the Ministry of Health are in good will to prevent fabrication of information and protection from quacks.

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