Museveni Cautions Armour Tank Graduates on Discipline, Patriotism

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has cautioned armour platoon commanders and armour crew graduates on acts of indiscipline and unpatriotism acts.

Museveni urged the graduates and their commanders to maintain conscious discipline, patriotism and continuous training so that the country can enjoy continuity of peace and stability.

He was officiating the pass out of armour platoon commanders and armour crew courses. This was at the Armoured Warfare Training School (AWFTS) at Kalama, in Mubende district. At least 55 armour platoon commanders and 337 armour crew troops were ushered into the Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF.

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Museveni congratulated the two batches, noting that their future is bright since they are serving a disciplined and prestigious force.

“With discipline, your future is bright,” he said. Museveni used the analogy of ancient fighting using a shield for protection and an arrow for hitting the enemy which isn’t comparable to today’s modern warfare like tanks that offer easy mobility, protection and aims at a target.

In order to succeed in army, Museveni emphasized that military trainees and the entire force must maintain stability in the country. He added that soldiering is a service not a job because it involves sacrifice.

“Work to serve the country. The army is service, don’t look at it as a job. Continuous training in warfare is also another aspect for the survival of peace,” he said.

Museveni added: “Study and apply but don’t copy and paste for the success of operations.”

Locals were warned locals against free range farming and wetland degradation, saying they lead to wastage. The Defence minister, Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja, said the graduates’ completion of the course shows love for Uganda.

Ssempijja said the UPDF is committed to protecting the country and urged the graduates to put to good use what they have learnt.

Additional reporting :UPDF

The Chief of Defence Forces Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi noted that a strong army thrives on discipline, teamwork, patriotism, frugality, and good health, among others.

He noted that a combination of great mobility and fire power builds an effective and efficient force for national security.

Gen Mbadi also said that in modern warfare, mobility and a good operator of a machine determine war success, hence “the machine is the man behind it”.

To the graduates, the Commandant of AWTS – Kalama, Brig Gen Peter Candia warned the armour fraternity against the high affinity for creation of wealth and leaving luxurious lives.
He encouraged them to be realistic in this ever changing security environment.

The best trainees were awarded gifts in recognition of their exceptional performance.

Today’s graduation was also attended by the Commanders Air Force Lt Gen Charles Okidi, Deputy Commander Land Force Maj Gen Francis Takirwa, Chief Political Commissar Maj Gen Henry Masiko, Chief of Training and Recruitment Brig Gen Mathew Gureme, Chief of Personnel and Administration Brig Gen James Kinalwa, Commandant Military Police Brig Gen William Bainomugisha, Junior Officers from sister forces, local and religious leaders, among others.

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