Sugarcane Manufacturers Urge Gov’t to Call Off Sugar Imports

BY S KWAGALA: Sugarcane manufacturers have asked government to tighten more on sugar imports in order to boost their market. With a 25 percent tarrif policy on imported refined sugar, the excited manufacturers want the policy to be tightened more saying that there is more than enough sugar for the local market in Uganda.

Aldon Walukamba the Corporate Communications manager at Kinyara sugar explained that the importation of refined sugar brings unfair competition for our growing economy as well causing high prices for the local market.

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Once prices are higher other industries like confectionary makers are affected and end up over pricing for locals as well.

He said; “There is o need for importing sugar from other countries, we can supply enough and even preserve some for exportation, Kinyara sugar alone can supply over 70 percent of the Ugandan market. Our manufacturers have the capacity.”

While commissioning the Kinyara Refinery plant recently, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni noted that buying from our local market can save the country up to 50 million dollars spent in importation of the product.

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