Cindy, Sheebah Beef Deepens

“Its not What you say, Its What you Do”- Cindy To Sheeba Over Concert Venue Renown Ugandan dancehall artist has dismissed claims of her competing with Sheebah Karungi for their upcoming concerts.

The defense came as response to fans after Cindy’s announcement for the upcoming concert that happened to turn out same day and venue as Sheebah’s Yolo concert September 15 ,2023 at Kololo Independence grounds.

While being accused of deliberately rivaling Sheebah who was the first to announce, Cindy said; “Sheebah is still a kid, I cannot compete with my children.”

Cindy went ahead to reveal that unaware of Sheebah’s intention to hold the concert in the same place, her team found the venue free and booked for the concert.” She claimed that business is traded with money, not words.

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According to her its possible that Sheebah had only made plans but not done the actual bookings yet.

Meanwhile, fans have taken this up to a whole buzz over social media contesting one against the other as whose concert is worth attending and not.

One whose social handle goes by the name Alton says he is not pleased with rivalry business. “The truth is she sings well, she is good. However, this action is very ill. People normalized it on Allien Vs Pallaso…”

Tadeo mentions, “I will be at Cindy’s concert first time.” Hilda Kasasira, siding with Cindy pointed out that it means Sheebah had not booked. “If the venue was available, it means Sheebah did not book, booking is confirmed with payment.”

Meanwhile, King Micheal, another artist has a concert on the same day. Many more have hurled insults at Cindy, noted that the music industry is getting boring and a number are spoilt for choice.

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