Government to Make More Stringent Traffic Regulations

Cabinet has resolved to make some adjustments with traffic regulations as intervention in the increase of road accidents in the past weeks.

Within this season, there have been a number of crashes along the road involving moving vehicles ramming into one another and trucks parked by the road side. The most recent being the Link Bus which rammed into a parked truck at Mukunyu, Kyenjojo district killing the driver on the spot.

According Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance some of the adjustments that need to be included in the regulations is for instance demanding that every vehicle has a reflector on it.

Baryomunsi noted that a number of accidents that occur in the night are partly because many vehicles especially those parked alongside the road can be missed. A reflector would help another road user identify it.

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The government has also resolved to step up enforcement with the existing regulations for road use. In recent discussions, some of the citizens have accused the government of being strict with road safety after emergence of accidents but failing to follow up when the heat dies down.

The Speaker of parliament Anita Among addressed this during a meeting with the police and minister for transport over road crashes. She ordered that in order to keep up with vigilance on road safety, the police would present monthly reports to parliament.

Baryomunsi added that other causes of road accidents that have gone off due to weak enforcement include drunk drivers, drivers multi-tasking while on the road, over speeding and reckless driving among others.

“Observed that the road traffic crashes are mainly caused by human factors and these are characterized by drink driving, over speeding, distracted driving , fatigue and other…”

In an April report from the traffic department this year, at least 200 people had been reported dead over road crashes in just two weeks, much more than that have been reported in the pasty two months including one that claimed the life of business man Apollo Nyagamehe.

In light of such events the government also resolved step up sensitization and awareness on road safety.

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