Government to Introduce Digital tests for new drivers

The government of Uganda is planning to introduce digital tests for drivers to acquire permits. According to Fred Byamukama, the State Minister for Transport, this venture will start with the central region for observation.

The resolution comes due to fatal accidents in a short time taking lives of men like renown business man Apollo Nyagamehe.

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Byamukama mentioned that one of the challenges they have identified is that fake drivers are issued permits because of interface with people who can be compromised through bribes.

“Here you do not need to see anyone , the computer asks you question and you respond, depending on your score.”

He reported that the initiative has been bench marked on elsewhere like Dubai, Asia and South Africa.

The tests monitoring system will be accessible to all permit issuing points and regional police stations.

Meanwhile, Byamukama also informed the press that road accidents caused by buses are being closely monitored through withdrawal of permits incase one under performs on score points for good driving.

He said that over 56 permits have so far been withdrawn and drivers grounded to driving cars under their experience.

By Shiphrah Kwagala

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