Karuma Dam Electricity to Cost More

Karuma Dam electricity will cost 5 Us cents , which is more than the usual cost.

Its cost came up during a visit to the site by the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja following a directive from the president to her ,to look into the delays of the project .

According to technical officials on site , the cost is so because there is a loan to service for over 15 years , it’s after that that its price will drop.

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The project since 2013 should have been completed by 2018 but there have been several extensions to it’s completion.

The project is so far 99 percent complete with one terminal to Lira ready for work .However the two terminals to Kawanda are far from completion because of a previous incident of vandalism that occured .

The Prime Minister directed that at all cost ,the Kawanda plant should be completed as well because once the 600 Mega Wats from this plant are added to the national grid , industrialisation in Uganda will be greatly advanced.

The president of Uganda is optimistic that once this plant is completed there will be no more need for Ugandans to import raw materials.

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