Centenary Bank Awarded Over Exceptional Performance

By Benjamin Mwibo: The State Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. David Bahati has officiated the recognition of Centenary Bank in Uganda, as the Guest of Honor, with two esteemed accolades from Brand Africa Awards, the awards that seeks to celebrate the top 100 financial brands in Africa.

Accompanied with the accolades, the bank has been mentioned as the most admired Uganda financial Institution for doing good in the society, to people and also to the environment in Uganda, on Friday in Kampala at Golden tulip.

The focus of the awards, was to honor Uganda’s greatest and outstanding brands, those that succeed out of the many in their individual areas as they examined their in-depth market research that was carried out across the continent of Africa.

Hon. Bahati, emphasised the pivotal role of trust and innovation in brand building as he also acknowledged the government’s efforts in ensuring peace, safety and an enabling environment for the growth and advancement of brands in Uganda.

In his comments, he provided the importance of innovation and technology, which are vital for the future of African business. 

“I firmly believe that promoting brands means promoting jobs, wealth, and innovation, but most importantly, it builds confidence and trust in the products we produce as a continent,” Bahati said.

He however, expressed gratitude to the organisers and founders of the Brand Africa initiative for their commendable work in recognising and promoting Ugandan brands.

The General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing Centenary Bank, Beatrice Lugalambi, in her remarks appreciated Brand Africa for their dedication in recognizing financial institutions and African Businesses.

Lugalambi said that they are honored to receive the prestigious awards from Brand Africa, therefore they reflect Centenary Bank’s commitment to providing accessible and convenient financial services to the customers in a sustainable manner. They strive to continuously enhance the customer’s banking experience and meet their evolving needs, she added.

“Centenary Bank has been actively involved in various initiatives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and giving back to society.”

She included that at the beginning of the year 2023, the bank embarked on a green journey, resulting in the planting of over 3,022 trees across major cities in the country.

The bank, has also partnered with Rotary in the fight against cancer in Uganda through the Rotary Cancer Run for the past 11 years, such efforts were being acknowledged and recognized, she noted.

According to Lugalambi “Our commitment to environmental conservation and our longstanding partnership with Rotary is to combat cancer in Uganda as the integral parts of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.” 

She also told the audience, as Centenary Bank continues to celebrate its 40 years of existence and transformational impact on people’s lives, the two accolades bestowed upon the Bank at the Brand Africa Awards serve as a testament to the bank’s dedication to excellence, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

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