Butambala Receives 2.7 Billion from PDM Strategy

Butambala district has received its first batch of funds from the Parish Development Model to a tune of 2.7 Billion shillings.

PDM is a development scheme meant to transition households from subsistence economy to money economy. Since its launch in the financial year 2020/2021, a disbursement of funds has been on-going across different regions.

Lydia Mirembe, the PDM coordinator for Greater Mpigi encouraged the natives to desist from the temptation to use money for things they had not planned for in the first place.

“We have received our first batch and I highly encourage our people to use the money for what exactly it should be used for.”

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Rashida Namboowa, the LC V Chairperson Butambala district mentioned that as a leader it would be her key role to ensure that natives use the money as starting capital for businesses to better their livelihood.

However, Mohammed kyeyune the mayor of Kibibi Town Council expressed that 1 Million shillings is not good

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