Iran-Uganda President Sign MOU-Agriculture tops Agenda

Uganda and Iran have signed an agreement to further trade within the agriculture sector and more.

This evening upon arrival in Uganda, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and President Yoweri Kaguta jointly addressed the press on joint trade prospects which is the main reason for the visit.

In his remarks, President Museveni fronted the need for market for agricultural products noting that there is more than enough within the nation.

“Our land is rich, we have a lot of milk, eggs, matooke and more. As you have seen we have good land and we need market for these things which are always in

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The Iranian president as well expressed his interest to work together attributing it to the fact that he finds Uganda has a lot in common with `his country.

President Raisi further hinted on other areas of interest like technology which he believes Iranians have capacity to bring advancementto Uganda.

“We are looking at advancing in the area of technology through our institute, through this new relation I am sure we shall expose one another to a lot.”

Other areas of discussion included the health sector concerning exchange of ideas like working on vaccines, economic independence, oil trade and independence against colonialism.

The visiting president commended Uganda for its stand against Homosexuality which he noted to be a ploy by the Western world to destroy the family structure.

“Another thing we have in common is that we do not believe in homosexuality, the Western world tries to show us that they are civilized but it is because of our strong belief in family that we are creating one today through this treaty.”

In 11 years, this is the first President from Iran to visit Uganda. His visit is part of a three-day tour `in Africa intended to reach “Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Earlier today, President Raisi was in Kenya.

By Shifrah Kwagala

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