KCCA Loses 4.5 Billion in uncollected Billboard Revenue

By S Kwagala: Findings have revealed that Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) loses 4.5 Billion shillings annually in failing to collect revenue from billboards. The findings were obtained in a report adopted by parliament last week from the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises.(COSASE)

According to Joel Ssenyonyi , the Chairperson COSASE, it was realised that the 4.5B has not been collected annually since 2019.

Ssenyonyi said; “We have heard there are individuals who privately collect money from these billboard owners.”

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He accused these individuals of frustrating the process of coming up with a clear ordinance The committe however gave to KCCA an ultimatum of 3 months to come up with a clear ordinance on collection of the revenue .

Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor of KCCA however ,expressed that the report would have been very instrumental incase the committee went ahead to sanction the individuals who have been frustrating the ordinance . He said; “I appreciate the work the committee has done . It is very commendable,only that individuals frustrating the ordinance should have been sanctioned.”

The parliamentary committee also put to hold the intended purchase of 10 acres of land in Kisenyi at 370 Billion. It is this purchase of land for vendors that attracted investigation into KCCA by parliament in the first place .

The cost ,which according to the committee seemed exorbitant raised concern which led to an investigation resulting in the above findings.

Simon Kasyate, the Spokeperson for KCCA however dismissed the decision by committe claiming that KCCA had already found assistance through the right procedures and this would just be wishful act by the committee.

“KCCA has no transactional authority, we sought assistance and it has already been granted. Those with conspiracies about the transaction I think are way ahead of their time.”

By Shaifrah Kwagala

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