Anti-Corruption Day: IGG Commends Social Media Anti-Corruption Advocates

The Inspector General of Government, Beti Kamya Turwomwe has commended social media whistle blowers in the fight against corruption in Uganda .

Today is when Uganda joins the rest of the African community to commemorate the Africa-Anti Corruption day .

Under the national theme; Strategies and Mechanisms to Reduce the Cost of Corruption in Uganda, Kamya noted that there is need to involve citizen at all levels in the fight.

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To see that this is fulfilled ,she informed the public that teams of Anti-Corruption ambassadors are yet to be identified and trained on what corruption is and how to expose it .

“This approach is intended to incite the public against public officers whose acts of corruption are manifested through lifestyle not commensurate with their known income.”

The unknown social media Anti-Corruption Advocates were hailed on the basis of exposing Kampala roads potholes and Entebbe International Airport corruption.

This exposure led to the government finding funds outside the budget to repair the roads according to Kamya.

However, the IGG also pointed out that good will and society behaviour typical of upbringing is fueling corruption.

“Because of good will , individuals fear to ask their bosses to sign off every form of transaction made ,however simple it may look. They forget that this is the kind of evidence needed for people in the category of ‘Big fish'” , Kamya said.

The Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda Executive Director ,Marlon Agaba nevertheless dismissed the day . He claimed that it’s always the same old talk.

According to him, the country has experienced several scandals including those above and victims are let off the hook after all.

A study initiated by the Ispectorate of Government in 2021 indicated that Uganda loses 10 Trillion annually to direct and indirect corruption.

In December 2022, the IG recommended a recovery of an accumulative amount of 33.3 Billion shillings , 2.3 Billion has been recovered and deposited onto the IG Asset Recovery Account.

By Shifrah Kwagala

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