9 People Drown to Death in Apac District

Police in Apac are investigating circumstances under which a group of people drowned in water yesterday at around 4pm. The incident was brought to the police attention by Okule Gabriel 19, a Karamajong by tribe and a supervisor at Indian farm of palm oil in Maruzi ranch Apac District.

SP Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga police spokesperson has identified the deceased as Lotyang Peter 19, Lemukol Simon 18, Lotham Simon 30, Lomuria John 15, Kamur Nomha 21, Ngole Simon 21, Lonta Joseph 19, Lucumwa Simon 35, and Lokuwam Joseph 19.

SP Okema identified the survivors as Muleka Bosco, Byekwaso Godfrey, Locire Simon and Lukwampe Peter.

“It is alleged that at night 13 workers who were working in Maruzi palm oil project farm left the farm to go for another job in Masindi District due to non payment by management at the Indian farm. However by the time they reached Kungu landing site, they found when the ferry is not working then they decided to board a small canoe to cross to Masindi port landing site,” SP Okema said

Police explained that before they could crossed they all drowned in water after the boat capsized with four survivors. Police in Kungu Police post was informed about the case of drowning has been registered. Okema said the four survivors were taken to nearby health center for treatment while nine dead bodies were still being searched for in the water.

“This is a very unfortunate incident, we appeal to workers to always approach the office of the labour officers who are in all District Local Government in this country incase of any challenges at work places before taking other decisions,” Okema said.

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