Plan for Your Retirement, Brig Kigozi Tells Soldiers

The deputy Chief of Staff and Administration (D/CPA) Brig Gen Godfrey Kigozi has advised senior UPDF officers who have not yet retired this financial year to have a retirement plan and a positive attitude in their new life they yet to start.

He was speaking at the opening of the document analysis and preparation of 99 senior officers who will be retired at the rank of major and col at Gadaffi Barracks in Jinja where they were gathered to write documents and raise awareness.

This is the 13th time the updf has retired its officers since its commencement in 1986 and 99 officers at the rank of major and col will be retired followed by 11 others at the rank of general and above. Before they are retired, they are first prepared and analyze their documents as it happened this morning at the barracks known as gaddafi.

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Brig Gen Godfrey Kigozi WHO is the Deputy Chief of personal and administration or call him DCPA is one of the trainers of these officers urged them to have a purposeful plan and a good attitude so that they can invest the money that will be given to them wisely.

Brig Gen added that the aim of this initiative is to provide retirees with financial education and understanding and remind them to continue maintaininh the dignity of the institution known as updf army they have been serving. He also explains the benefits that comes with military retirement.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner for Labor and Veterans Affairs (MODVA) Mr Cox Anguzu, while addressing the retirees,he warned the candidates against the opportunists who are waiting for them to advise them on the use of the funds and asked them not to spend them on luxuries

He also urged them to beware of the challenges that awaits them WHEN they return to the community and also advised them not to be afraid of change as it owes a part to people’s lives.

Chief of staff reserve force Brig gen Mwanje Ssekiranda assured the retirees that they should know that they have not been retired because they have been tired of them but the army is not capable of supporting the large number of soldiers. He also clarified the issue of what the army can do if a retired officer dies.

Deputy Army Spokesperson Col Deo Akiiki told us why there was a delay in retiring the officers as there were laws they were waiting for parliament to act on as well as financial issues.

He also clarifies on the issue of officers who are going to be retired but got injured while still serving on how their cases can be handled.

In a nut shell,Other officials are still expected to attend the training of the retiring officers while the documentation of the retired Generals from the rank of Brigadier to General will be processed in Mbuya on Monday 10th July .The total number of retired UPDF officers in the 13A batch from the rank of Major to General is 110. Of these, 99 are at the rank of major to Col but 11 are at the rank.of General.

As Shared By Col Deo Akiiki the deputy UPDF Spokesperson.

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